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A world brand, do evergreen enterprise



Rooted in China, the world, the concept of a harmonious and win-win attitude of professional focus, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence, do clamp product leader for industrial development in the process of global economic integration to become very competitive, highly Dear Evergreen enterprises.


Core Values

Honesty: Li Cheng and trustworthy Virtuous

Simple: advocating a simple pragmatic truth

Speed​​: fast reaction efficiency first

Excellence: the pursuit of excellence career


Management philosophy

Enterprises (core) philosophy: integrity, beyond, continues to grow

Service philosophy: Customers on the side

The behavioral concept: the details determine the success or failure of ideas determine

Business philosophy: everything for everything from innovation

Employing the concept: everyone is a talent, capable Yongzhe levels were so.

Quality philosophy: quality defects is 100% of the users disaster

Marketing idea: to sell credibility, after selling products.

Market competition concept: high-quality, highly differentiated, high value-added.

Technology development philosophy: the user needs is our pursuit, the user's problem is that we developed subject

Management philosophy: everything advocating a simple, all the pursuit of pragmatic

Cost concept: the lowest-cost time and do it right the first time

Training philosophy: to create a learning team.