201 American stainless steel hose clamp

American 201 stainless steel throat hoop specifications table in the British system refers to inches, 1 inch =25.4 mm, behind the few with 25.4 removal, for the following examples: for example: 1/2 refers to 12.7mm, its calculation method with 25.42 results, such as: 41/44 represents 425.4mm=101.6mm, and 1/4 represents 25.44=6.34mm.

41/4 is calculated as 101.6+6.34=107.95mm, that is to say, the size of 41/4 is 107.95mm, for example: 35/8 same as above, 3 is 3 inches, 1 inch is 25.4mm, 3 is 325.4mm=76.2mm, 5/8 is 25.485=15.875mm, 35/8 is calculated as 76.2+15.875=92.075mm.

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