American stainless steel hose clamp

In our daily life, we often come into contact with hose clamp. How much do you know about hose clamp?  In fact, there are many kinds of hose clamp, according to the material to divide generally can be divided into plastic hose clamp and stainless steel hose clamp.  This hose hoops are made of two different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, then talk about the stainless steel hose hoops for first, stainless steel hose hoops because it is made with the finest steel, craft is excellent, factory after multiple strictly controlled, safe and reliable, in rust prevention and fastening force capability is strong, very durable.  The product has the advantages of beautiful shape, convenient operation, high free torsion and overall torsion, smooth throat band edge and no damage to the hose, fast twisting and sliding, throat band can be used repeatedly.  So the stainless steel throat hoop is mainly used for hard and soft pipe connection, is widely used in cars, tractors, ships, gasoline engines, diesel engines, sprinkler and other mechanical equipment on the oil, steam, liquid hose interface, as well as building sewer interface.  

It is the preferred solid connection fittings for all kinds of hose interface.  Stainless steel hose clamp type: American stainless steel hose clamp, among which there are big American style, American style, small American style.  German stainless steel hose clamp, British stainless steel throat hoop, nail piercing hose clamp, spring throat hoop, double steel wire throat hoop, Otec single ear stepless clamp, four claw throat hoop, strong hoop, open A throat hoop, open B throat hoop.  A throat band is a fastener for the connection between hard and soft pipes.  The throat hoop solves the problem of leakage of liquid and gas when the throat hoop is used for connection of soft and hard pipes with small diameter in prior art. The throat hoop adopts open inner and outer ring structure and is fastened with bolts.  The throat hoop effectively solves the problem of dead Angle and liquid and gas leakage when small diameter soft and hard pipes are connected. The simple structure is easy to make and the cost is 30% of the original product. The throat hoop is widely used in motor vehicles, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, brewing, sewage treatment, purification and dust removal, auto parts and other machinery accessories.  Throat hoop features: worm friction is small.  

Suitable for high - grade models or anticorrosive material parts connection.  Throat hoop is applicable to a wide range, torsion resistance and pressure resistance, throat hoop torsion torque is balanced, the locking is firm, tight, the adjustment range is large, throat hoop is suitable for more than 30mm of hard and soft pipe connection fasteners, beautiful appearance after assembly.  Installation method of stainless steel throat hoop: accurate installation method: throat hoop should be installed according to the manufacturer's recommended torque value.  Incorrect installation Although the throat band can be twisted to a suitable torque value, the expansion joint operating under pressure can cause the throat band to detach from the edge of the hose and eventually cause the hose to leak.  Incorrect installation Although the hose band can be twisted to a suitable moment value, hose expansion and local vibration will force the hose band to move, resulting in hose leakage.  Although the throat band can be tightened with incorrect installation, the expansion, contraction and local vibration of the hose will cause the soft pipe wall to be affected by the cutting force, and will also damage the strength of the hose.  The constant vibration of the throat collar will eventually cause the hose to leak.  

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