American type hose clamp

American type hose clamp: divided into iron galvanized and stainless steel two main differences for the buckle distance is perforated (that is, through the eye buckle) in the market is mainly made of stainless steel, mainly used for auto parts and other high-end market prices are higher than the other two.  A throat band is a fastener for the connection between hard and soft pipes.  The throat hoop solves the problem of leakage of liquid and gas when the throat hoop is used for connection of soft and hard pipes with small diameter in prior art. The throat hoop adopts open inner and outer ring structure and is fastened with bolts.  The throat hoop effectively solves the problem of dead Angle and liquid and gas leakage when small diameter soft and hard pipes are connected. The simple structure is easy to make and the cost is 30% of the original product. The throat hoop is widely used in motor vehicles, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, brewing, sewage treatment, purification and dust removal, auto parts and other machinery accessories.  Worm friction is small, suitable for high - grade models or anticorrosive material parts connection.  Throat hoop is suitable for a wide range of torsion and pressure resistance, the torsion torque of the hoop is balanced, the locking is firm and tight, and the adjusting range is large.  Throat hoop is suitable for fasteners with hard and soft pipe connection above 30mm. The appearance is beautiful after assembly.  The thread of the steel belt of the American throat hoop is through hole. The hexagon of the screw head of the American throat hoop is 8MM. The American torque is relatively lower than that of the German type.  

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