Application of stainless steel hose clamp in engineering

Application of stainless steel hose clamp in engineering General drainage horizontal trunk pipe, the first pipe should use A type pipe, drainage riser and drainage branch pipe should use W type pipe. The advantage of such collocation is that the mechanical properties of a-type pipe are better because of the flange gland connection, and the service life and service function can be guaranteed when the drainage horizontal trunk pipe is made. At the same time, because of its good mechanical strength, especially suitable for high-rise drainage out of the horizontal pipe, can withstand the impact of upper water.

W type pipe because of quick installation, the interface can be bent and flexible, suitable for the selection of drainage riser material, especially as a toilet bath in the drainage horizontal branch pipe installation construction, can use its good flexible interface and tightness, good control of the slope of the drainage pipe. At the same time, due to the characteristics of w-pipe fittings, combined with the current status of the completed decoration of residential projects (generally, the drainage riser between toilets and baths is exposed), in the concealed decoration of the riser.

Easy to decorate layout, can save space, increase the actual use area. In addition, use A model and W two kinds of pipe material collocation, besides afore-mentioned reasons, still because of A model tube installation construction process the surplus short maw that produces can serve as the installation of horizontal branch pipe of drainage on the ground is used, save material, have good economic benefit. Stainless steel hose clamp is used to connect the W-shaped pipe. The stainless steel throat clamp is composed of rubber sleeve,hose clamp, perforated rolling shaft and bolt.

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