Characteristics of spring hose clamp

Characteristics of spring clamp: Spring clamp is like our daily life common hair clip hair, there are two small ears, as long as the force holding the small ears can make clamp open, and then fixed joints, the need to let go of the hand, with the usual small hairpin is distinguishing, hairpin need spring support, is among the clamp is also needed, Because it is similar to a hairpin in some places.

Also known as spring clamp. Like we usually use the hairpin, spring card use is very convenient, and disassembly are convenient, used in the construction process of a relatively short time, high efficiency, but also, it can't work on pressure, design decisions, which is itself will not according to the material and process improvement to make a larger gap, The only standard that distinguishes the products we see on the market today is the thickness of the tape.

Between 1.5 and 2.0 mm can be referred to as the reinforced type. Although it can bear more pressure than the ordinary type, it is still limited and can not be compared with American, German and other types of throat hoop. In order to ensure the quality of the product, In other types of hoops can not be used to play a role, which requires the use of springs to withstand greater pressure.

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