Differences between American hose clamp and German hose clamp

The difference between American hose clamp and German hose clamp - also known as clamp band, grip band - commonly used materials: carbon steel, stainless steel - what is the difference between American hose clamp and German hose clamp?A lot of people have this question, the following is to sort out the difference, you can have a look: 1, American throat hoop steel belt thread is through hole, German is ancient concave.- 2, the width of the American steel belt is 12.7mm, small American style is 8MM,(equal to and less than 27 is small American style, the other is large American style), German type is 9MM and 12MM two.- 3, the American screw head hexagon is 8MM, the German is 7MM.- 4. The American twist is relatively lower than the German twist.- 5. There is not much difference in other usages.

- There are all stainless steel and half stainless steel throat hoop, the price is different, please pay attention to when buying throat hoop!!If there is a price difference, they will know what kind of products are more suitable for their own use!At present, our company's hose clamp is directly with the manufacturer agent, American hose clamp is common, German hose clamp is Jindong brand, high quality and good price, and professional knowledge as your backup force, if you need help, you can contact us at any time.For you to do professional planning and quality service.

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European style strong hose clamp manufacturer

The use of European style powerful hose hoop is the most common. It can be used only by connecting the hose. The European style powerful hose hoop is made of different materials, the core of which is zinc plated carbon steel, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel and strong hose hoop. Because of the R & D structure, high practicability, strong fastening force, beautiful appearance and convenient operation, it has received the praise of users. How to distinguish the quality of European style powerful hose hoop mainly depends on the following aspects The following aspects: European style carbon steel galvanized throat hoop screw nut, the corresponding national standard matching 8.8, if the nut does not meet the standard, it is easy to break in the use process, second, the width and thickness of the steel strip, the width and thickness is the condition that directly affects the fastening force, third, whether the solder joint is firm, the solder joint is not stable, it will break if it does not meet the fastening requirements, fourth, galvanized, galvanized layer The thickness and uniformity of stainless steel throat hoops are directly related to corrosion resistance. The key of European stainless steel throat hoops, such as carbon steel color galvanized throat hoops, is that there are different materials. There are some kinds of stainless steel subdivisions, just like 201 material, 304 material, 316 material, 316L and so on. The discrimination method is similar. The corrosion resistance is also different. The hose hoop is an important connecting piece between the pipe and the hose. From then on, the qualified products must be used. In case of unqualified products, the consequences should not be estimated.

The reason why the American type hose clamp can't be tightened or loosened

There is no way to tighten or loosen the American hose clamp, which is the reason. When the manufacturer of hose clamp produces the American hose clamp, he occasionally develops and designs unqualified products. Once he buys it, he can't panic and hurry. He can solve this problem and tell you what causes it to loosen. There are only these points. 1, It is used to fix the clamp head. The jitter of the clamp equipment in the process of processing causes the warpage here. When we want to tighten the clamp, this warping place is stuck in the through hole of the toothband to prevent the contraction of the steel belt. So when we want to tighten the clamp, it can be screwed on. Treatment method: press the upturned place with a screwdriver or other hard metal instead of lifting it up. After that, we can We just want to bend the top of the steel strip downward, and the problem is solved. 3. There is a reason why the American clamp can't be loosened, and the place below the clamp is inclined. Solution: press the inclined place to solve the problem.

German type stainless steel hose clamp manufacturer

German hose clamp analyzes the difference between hose clamp and basic fastener: German hose clamp is also a kind of fastener, which is often used to fix hose, etc. The existing throat sleeve solves the problems of dead angle and liquid gas leakage faced by the previous fasteners when connecting small diameter soft and hard pipes. The hose clamp adopts an open inner and outer ring structure and is fastened with bolts. German hose clamp can solve the problem of dead angle and liquid gas leakage when small diameter soft and hard pipes are connected. Since then, it is often used to fix water pipes, flexible pipes and other pipeline products. German throat clamp advantages: worm friction is small, suitable for connecting high and medium vehicles or anti-corrosion materials. German throat clamp is specially used in a wide range, with anti torsion and anti compression, balanced torque, firm locking and wide range of adjustment. German hose clamp is suitable for connecting soft and hard pipes over 30mm. It has beautiful appearance after assembly. The following is the German throat clamp and the basic fastener distinction analysis, I hope to help you. German stainless steel hose clamp

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Stainless steel hose clamp and galvanized hose clamp these two materials contrast

Speaking of stainless steel hose clamp in the daily production and life is only a small fastening parts, but do not look down upon this small parts, in industrial transportation, chemical and petroleum, agriculture, automobile and ship and many other fields are very see its shadow.At present, there are two main kinds of hose clamp used in production, one is galvanized hose clamp, the other is stainless steel hose clamp.Speaking of hose clamp in daily production and life is only a small fastening parts, but do not look down upon this small parts, in industrial transportation, chemical and petroleum, agriculture, automobile and ship and many other fields are very see its shadow.In these two kinds of hose clamp, galvanized hose clamp because the price is relatively close to the people, so it is widely used in the market, the price of stainless steel hose clamp is more expensive, more used in some high market.But if you take a closer look, you will know that compared with galvanized throat hoop, stainless steel hose clamp has the advantages of large torque, good fastening performance, high corrosion resistance, long service life, is galvanized hose clamp can not be compared.