Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Hose Clamp

The product is made of high quality steel, the product 360O seal, fastening force, and the screw nut is not easy to fall off, durable. Mainly suitable for aircraft, construction, automobile, tractor, gasoline engine, diesel engine, sprinkler and other mechanical equipment on the oil, gas, liquid glue secret junction, is all kinds of rubber pipe interface fastening necessary machine fittings, suitable for large torque requirements of the pipeline fastening, especially steel pipe and sand dredging Marine black rubber pipe. Note: special material and size can be customized according to customer requirements.

This is a comparison made up of a number of pictures of strong throat hogs of different sizes. The smallest steel wire is 2.5-3.5mm, which is fastened with a 6mm nut, that is, with a 10mm wrench. The piece is 1.8mm, and the largest steel wire is 8mm, which is fastened with a 10mm nut, and the steel plate thickness is 2.5mm. They can be compared in size, small strong hoops for thick wall hose, large strong hoops for large pipes.

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