Introduction to hose clamp operation process

What is the application process of the clamp? 1. Cut the steel pipe according to the required length with a pipe cutter, and check the cut section with a level to ensure that the cut section is perpendicular to the central axis of the steel pipe. If there are burrs in the incision, apply grinding machine to smooth it. 2. Clamp the steel pipe that needs to be grooved is set up on the tail frame of the grooving machine and the grooving machine, and leveled with a level instrument to make the steel pipe level. 3. Clamp the section of steel pipe processing end is close to the groove rolling machine.

Make the central axis of the steel tube perpendicular to the roller surface. 4. Gently press down. Jack, make the upper pressure wheel close to the steel pipe, start the groove rolling machine, make the roller rotate a week, at this time pay attention to observe whether the steel pipe section is still close to the groove rolling machine, if not, should adjust the pipe to the level. If it has been tightened, press down the jack slowly and make the upper pressure wheel roll the steel tube evenly to the predetermined groove depth. 5. When the clamp stops, check the groove depth and width with a vernier caliper and confirm that it meets the standard requirements.

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