Japanese style spring clamp

Spring clamp - spring throat clamp, also known as Japanese clamp, spring clamp. It is made of spring steel in a round shape with two ears for hand pressing. In need of clamping, only need to press the ears to make the inner ring larger, can be set into the round tube, and then release the handle, can be clamped. Easy to use. It can be reused. By belt thickness to distinguish, respectively ordinary spring clamp, and reinforced spring clamp. Material thickness in 1-1.5mm for ordinary spring clamp.

1.5-2.0mm and above are reinforced spring clamp. 360° inner ring precision design, sealing is a complete circle even, sealing performance is better; No burr edge material treatment, effectively prevent pipeline damage; After effective dehydrogenation treatment, long-term use does not have to worry about fracture and other problems; According to the European standard surface treatment, salt spray test can reach more than 800 hours; After 36 hours of continuous elasticity test, ensure high strength mechanical properties.

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