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What is the most suitable position for double wire hose clamp?

Double steel hose clamp is suitable for thick wall hose, its fastening ability than a lot of fastening strength belt type hose hoops, is made, special screws and monolithic nut in the large mechanical equipment, trucks, loaders and other large equipment on the oil pipe or trachea, plumbing, on many places ordinary belt type hose clamp are unable to replace the double steel wire hose clamp, The main reason is that double wire hose clamp are stronger than strip throats, and all double wire hose clamp are mostly used in thick hose.

Do you need to pay attention to small orders of hose clamps?

Due to the hose clamp are small parts, manufacturers generally on the order of the time, we must give full consideration to the number of, because the hose clamp before production also need to open mold, the domestic market competition is intense, small orders on the profit space is not obvious, so the general manufacturers in order to guarantee profits order quantity not less than ten thousand, that is to say, When the order quantity is less than ten thousand, most manufacturers are unwilling to accept it. The above situation also caused the current market large order market competition is fierce.

The most widely used hose clamp - American hose clamp

American hose clamp is the most popular type of hose clamp in the current market. Its main difference from other reasons is that it is produced and processed in accordance with American standards. This is also a type that is recognized and used more at present, and is also the current international common type. American hose clamp, also known as American clamp, is currently widely used in the fixing of some fire hose joints, as well as some water pump pipe connections. There is an obvious difference between the American collar and other collar.


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