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Buckle cap hose clamp

Designed for special cases using a throat hoop, such as: water pipe leakage in our mechanical engineering in my homework, the quick release hose hoops to take out your throat hoop, quick card above, squeezed the throat hoop screw head, tighten, advantages: removes enlarged throat hoop caliber time, revoke the installation tighten screw, no head no when the summary: The quick release collar is designed to save you a lot of time in installation and disassembly.

Stainless steel tube bundle collar

The product with reference to the United States and other foreign standards production, all parts are made of high quality stainless steel material with good performance of rubber seal, it is mainly used for building, especially in high-rise buildings, straight pipe, water pipe bend connection fastening, with beautiful shape, low noise, good fireproof performance, long service life, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, And has good seismic performance. Strong tiger clamp hoop, European strong hoop, pipe bundle hoop factory wholesale price list.

Suitable for gas pipe small diameter American hose clamp

The american-style clamp is made of carbon steel and stainless steel. The width and thickness of the two steel bands are 8mm, 12.7mm and 0.6mm, respectively. The clamp is widely used in the automotive hardware market, as well as in household plumbing and liquefied gas hose maintenance. The lightweight, compact design of the collar makes it easy to install in restricted environments! The strength of corrosion resistance varies with the material of the throat hoop. Customers can choose the appropriate throat hoop according to their actual application.


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