Select the key points of stainless steel hose clamp

Hose clamp products because often do some pipe rack and other products of the connection, so there is a myriad of relations. So for the quality of the throat hoop products can not be careless, let the stainless steel throat hoop manufacturers xiaobian for you to share the key points about the quality of the throat hoop products.


1. Stainless steel Hose clamp shall not have porosity, trachoma, shrinkage crack and other defects.


2. The material and performance of the sealing ring shall meet the requirements, and the sealing surface shall not have bubbles, impurities, cracks, concave and convex inequality defects. Do not use aged rubber rings.


3. In theory, the moving distance of the clasp within the clamp is half of the joint expansion, which should be measured in real time. If it can't meet the expansion requirements of the pipeline, it can't meet the expansion requirements of the pipeline. In order to promote the sealing effect, the left and right end pipes are matched with the clamp before leaving the factory. In actual engineering, ordinary pipes should not be used to directly replace the end pipe, and the perpendicularity of the end pipe end face and the axis and the flatness of the end face itself have certain requirements, and the size is not standard, so that the expansion of the joint is greatly reduced.

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