Spring clamp installation tips

In addition to materials, forming equipment and thread processing equipment and molds are the key factors to ensure the quality of screws and fasteners used in the. In particular, under the condition of large quantities and many varieties of supply, how to ensure the consistency of products and the prevention of defects is one of the problems fasteners face. Let's take a look at the installation of stainless steel spring throat hoop. What are the small tips? In the installation of stainless steel spring collar (1) to control the clip from the end pipe distance L. L control shall be in accordance with the instructions.

When the gap between the two pipe ends is small, ensure that the clasp is attached to the bevel. (2) In the case that the clasp is determined, the size of the gap between the two pipe ends should be determined by calculation according to the elongation of the pipeline and the ambient temperature during construction. Deviation of size should be ensured during construction. (3) On the premise of a certain moving distance, the greater the error of the height and width of the welding seam between the clasp and the end pipe and the verticality between the clasp plane and the end pipe axis, the smaller the expansion of the joint.

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