Stainless steel hose clamp application field

Stainless steel hose clamp is divided into four kinds of style, the basic American throat hoop, German throat hoop, British hose hoops and north Europe type hose hoops, etc., commonly used in automobile, a bulldozer, crane and ship transportation tools such as is done with an american-style hose hoops, first is taken into account in the means of transport is a problem of friction, usually stainless steel hose hoops is common in the United States;  In the chemical and agricultural industries, therefore, the throat bands of the English type are generally used, which are mainly made of iron and steel, and which have a wide range of applications and are of low cost in the market, and are best suited to factories where there is a great deal of demand;  In the maintenance industry, when it comes to decoration or repair details of sewers, German throat hoop is used. Because of its high production cost but good quality and strong pressure resistance, it is used for decoration and maintenance.  Throat hoop has small diameter or large diameter, according to the part to be connected to choose, if the water pipe is more need to resist pressure and the fixed ability of the object, then you need a large diameter and tight adjustable throat hoop.  

Must resist the button to resist pressure, to ensure that these supplies do not produce accidents.  That's why throat bands are so important.  The equipment has a long service life.  In the past, galvanized sheet and aluminum were widely used in food processing equipment.  However, the zinc coating on the galvanized sheet eventually peels off and the steel rusts quickly after being exposed.  Aluminum corrodes and pitches, is difficult to clean, is not suitable for food-grade surfaces, is not readily pasteurized, and is not strong enough for use in areas with vibration, bending, and impact loads.  For other areas of the food processing industry, where conditions are harsh and cleanliness is required, most stainless steels such as those used in the stainless steel throat collar have been used in place of other metals.  In order to ensure clean and hygienic conditions, these food processing equipment should be cleaned frequently, and pay special attention to small parts.  Several times a day, high-pressure flushes are performed to remove accumulated residues and special cleaners are used to kill microbes.  Stainless steel commonly used in food processing equipment is mainly 304.  As long as the processing means (forming, welding) no problem, 304 stainless steel in the chemical clean environment corrosion resistance, its surface can remain smooth, no pits or erosion.  And pits or corrosion can cause bacteria to stick to the material.  Key words: stainless steel throat hoop factory, stainless steel throat hoop specifications,  

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