The advantages of clamp joint are introduced

Advantages of clamp joint:


1. Clamp joint does not need welding in construction.


2, fast: the groove clamp joint and the corresponding pipe fitting installation pipeline. No need for secondary galvanizing, secondary installation. Improved installation speed, no special technology required.


3, simple: light weight clamp joint, fewer bolts, convenient installation. Unique rubber seal ring, triple seal, reliable scientific and reasonable structure design. The reliability of the connection seal is ensured. Just mechanical assembly.


4, safety: installation and construction of groove type clamp joint and corresponding pipe fittings. No welding, no open flame, therefore, no welding slag pollution pipeline, can ensure the safety of the site, for the construction of fire environment conditions, especially suitable. Low installation repair rate.


5, economy: because the installation is fast, no special technology. So the comprehensive installation cost can save 30-50% compared with flange. And because the number of fastening bolts is small and non-directional.


6. Small space: the space occupied by the groove clamp joint connection is about 70% of the flange. It is especially suitable for construction under narrow environment conditions. Design or construction according to the need for any combination.


7, complete accessories: clamp joint and complete pipe fittings of various specifications, do not need complex pipe network.


8, simple maintenance: safe and reliable product quality. All pipelines are qualified for a pressure test, safe operation, no daily maintenance, spare parts need not be replaced for decades.

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