The superior performance of stainless steel hose clamp in the industry

Since the introduction of stainless steel, this special metal material has been widely used in various industries, it quickly filled into all aspects of people's lives, including a variety of mechanical products, and in hardware accessories, throat collar is currently widely used, especially stainless steel throat collar,  It is praised highly by people because of its particularity and good adaptability, and its superior performance in some industries is uncomparable to other materials. For example, the stainless steel throat hoop used in the intermediate frequency furnace is not easy to heat, and can effectively improve the problem of overheating of its connector.  Stainless steel hose hoops in the intermediate frequency furnace thermal conductivity is mainly due to stainless steel permeability, but the motor coil at the time of fever, due to its main components material is copper, permeability, but its also produces heat when an electric current passes through, composed of copper wire winding of motor rotor type, which is in the case of electromagnetic induction is not heat conduction, but if there is current long pass.  

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