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  With constant investment in the state of art manufacturing technology and introduction in the advanced management, TJBC is booting it’s self as largest and finest private Hose Clamp manufacturer in China, with powerful strength in finance R.D. management and technology.

  At the beginning, in 1989, the company builted as the name “BAO CHENG HOSE CLAMP FACTURY”, along with the developing in market, the company changed its system to “ TIAN JIN CITY KAI NUO INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.” in 2002...

TJBC was awarded one of the most importment international brand of Tianjin
Make an appointment in Penglai of Shandongprovince
Keno Industrial Co., Ltd
Keno Industrial Co., Ltd. of Tianjin, China's largest and the world's leading private enterprise production Clamp products
The new concept of the stainless steel hoop connection
We do not know, in the development of fasteners, often relates to a fastener connection soft tube, the fastener is called hoop. In our existing technology in the hoop is used for corner prone...
The practical technology of stainless steel hoop
Control of heat treatment quality of carbon steel clamps

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