Classification of stainless steel hose clamp

Overall stainless steel hose clamp is divided into four kinds of style, the basic American hose clamp, German hose clamp, British hose clamp and north Europe type hose clamp, etc., commonly used in automobile, a bulldozer, crane and ship transportation tools such as is done with an american-style hose clamp, first is taken into account in the means of transport is a problem of friction, usually stainless steel hose clamp is common in the United States;  In the chemical and agricultural industries, therefore, the throat bands of the English type are generally used, which are mainly made of iron and steel, and which have a wide range of applications and are of low cost in the market, and are best suited to factories where there is a great deal of demand;  In the maintenance industry, when it comes to decoration or repair details of sewers, German hose clamp is used. Because of its high production cost but good quality and strong pressure resistance, it is used for decoration and maintenance.  Stainless steel hose clamp  

The hose clamp has a small diameter and a large diameter, according to the part to be connected to choose, if it is the water pipe this kind of comparison needs to resist the pressure and the fixed ability of the object, then you need a large diameter and tight and firm adjustable hose clamp, must resist the button to resist pressure, to ensure that these supplies do not produce accidents.  That's why throat bands are so important.  

Stainless steel hose clamp is often used in ordinary means of transportation and chemical manufacturing, agriculture and so on. It is also very common in the maintenance industry. It is obvious that this small part plays a role of fixing and linking.  And sometimes different types, sizes and styles are applied to different places in different categories. The layman may feel that they look the same at the first sight, but in fact, after careful observation, he will find that they are still some differences.  

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