Introduction to handle hose clamp

With handle type hose hoops of simple introduction, we all know, whether it's American, or British, German and other types of hose hoops, the installation of fixed time shall be carried out with the aid of tools, although these for those installed after long don't need to change or remove the place has no effect, but for the need to remove or replace the place of use but often very inconvenient, In the place such as domestic kitchen, bathroom, garden especially, the connection of conduit is need often fluctuant.

If you need to use tools every time, it is very inconvenient. Is there a kind of fastening connection that does not need tools? Of course there is, in order to deal with this situation, people are thinking, can you add a handle on top of the existing product? The result is a handle collar, which is no different from other types of steel straps, except that a large handle is added where it fastens.

Just like when we screw things handle, thus effectively reduce the trouble in the process of construction, in a fixed time, as long as gently turned the handle, can make fixed, after the use, as long as the direction to turn the handle can be removed easily, save a lot of manpower, and solves the traditional product no tools will not be able to remove the trouble, On the other hand, it effectively expands the range of use of the product, you know.

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