Scope of application of throbbing hose clamp

Easy to use, quick loading and unloading, low cost, has become an indispensable type of fasteners and connectors, but the general throat hoop has an obvious defect, that is, according to the diameter of the role of the pipeline to select the corresponding range of products, the range of use is severely limited. So is there a kind of collar that can be applied to any range? The answer is yes, the draw-band collar has expanded the range of use on the basis of the traditional collar.

Extended the steel band, the steel band to form a circle, then he put a head installed fixtures, put another head through the fixing device, when using, can according to the different fixed the steel belt of connection pipe diameter at different locations, it is very convenient, don't worry about it because of the limitation of using range, can be used for many times, when fixed well, If you feel that the extra steel belt is not convenient and beautiful, you can also cut according to the actual situation, but it needs to be noted that.

The use of the cropped hoop is limited to piping within the steel band. Actually, smoke belt in ease of use at the same time, also caused people's thinking, it is used in American, British, German and other types of fixing device also take different forms according to different types, but overall is simple and easy to operate, also is a kind of new product popular, with the development of science and technology.

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